We are the bridge between the cultures


The contemporary private and business world has become global which has modified the skills needed for a happy and successful life. Where a while ago many were asking, “Who ARE these people” we are expected to become a bridge between countries, a bridge between cultures.


This seminar aims to equip future leaders with some of intercultural skills needed for a happy survival: some understanding of their own and other’s cultures stereotypes, skills on intercultural communication, negotiation, and collaboration in multicultural teams. The emphasis will be placed on practical application of concepts, on trying different situations through role-plays and on active participants’ input and creation.


Participants will produce an original piece of work in a form of their choice that will demonstrate their discoveries in the intercultural world.

Key words

Culture / Dimensions / Values / High context and low context communication / Relationship-based and deal-based negotiation


Dr. Olga Kapitskaia (Audencia)