The English Theatre Workshop


A theatre workshop in English facilitating a combined group of engineering, architecture and business students who will work together to devise and perform a short piece of theatre in English.



The objective of this project is to bring together students from three distinct disciplines, introducing them to a variety of communication, performance and theatre skills through the medium of English, with a view to devising and performing a unique piece of theatrical work together.

During the workshop, the students will explore the theories of several theatre practitioners, using the knowledge gained as a springboard to personal development and creative expression. The workshop will provide students with the opportunity to explore physical and vocal expression, gesture, improvisation, articulation, and voice production. It is envisaged that the work will inspire students towards continued improvement in spoken English, instilling confidence and further expanding their potential, in a relaxed environment.



The students will take their work out of the traditional learning space of classroom or amphi, and perform their devised collaborative site-specific theatre piece on campus (Centrale) at the conclusion of ‘Semaine de l’Alliance’ events on Friday 16th March.



Collaborative / Communication / Expression / Development / Exploration / Potential / Performance



Catrina Chambers (Centrale Nantes)