Never too young to save the world

Interdisciplinary action on large-scale social innovations


Current and coming generation will face complex problems that are global in scope, such as climate change, massive loss of biodiversity, international terrorism, and accumulated humanitarian crises tied to poverty, conflict, environmental crises and mass migrations. The construction of solutions to such problems is inherently interdisciplinary (because integrating activities of diverse disciplinary nature) and multilevel (because comprising action ranging from local to global levels). Moreover, there is growing evidence (e.g., listed references) that these solutions often emerge as large-scale social innovations that depend on novel modes of interaction among the civil society, governments, and businesses.



The ultimate pedagogic objective of this seminar is to seed interest, to foster enthusiasm, and to equip future architects, engineers, and managers with some of the initial skills to build solutions to complex global problems. Overall, we will learn from extant social-innovation initiatives to reflect and act on the analysis, design, and implementation of solutions to complex global problems. Emphasis will be placed on the interdisciplinary, the practical, the evolutive, the collaborative, the context-dependence, and the reflexive dimensions of social innovation processes.



The proposed seminar is build upon a first edition proposed last year. It will shed light on how to build solutions to complex global problems. Ideally, it should enthuse the engagement of students of architecture, engineering and management who wish to act together to build a better world.



Instruction, reading, and debate will be mostly in English. Exchanges may occasionally happen in French as well, but English proficiency is required.



Social innovation / Global issues / Interdisciplinary action



Guilherme Azevedo, PhD (Audencia)