Bien-être au campus


To succeed, you must feel well on your campus. It can be about anything. This workshop proposed to evaluate the needs to make you feel better and give concrete ideas to Alliance’s directors.



The participants will identify the (+), the (-) and the needs through:

  • a visit of a campus of the Alliance that they don’t know
  • an online questionnaire on social media
  • framed on-street interviews on the 3 campuses Centrale, Audencia and ENSA

They will then analyse the data collected and make propositions to improve life quality on the campuses. They should evaluate the cost of their propositions.



The students will present: video extracts from the interviews, the data collected, their analysis, their concrete propositions through a video or a power-point presentation or theater piece. This should be fun!

English as a working language is more than welcome.



Well-being, online questionnaire, on-street interviews



Laurence Bertho, Aurelien Serandour